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Hello Robert

Yes, you certainly may use the letter that way. We're pleased that we have an opportunity to contribute to your success. And we're not particularly concerned about anonymity, in fact we'd probably be interested in contact with anyone who'd be likely to read it.

I have another comment to make: those guitar-style tuners are terrific! I'm sort of conservative about trying something different, and I was worried when you told us that this arrangement prevented the installation of sharpening levers.(This problem has now been overcome. Ed.)Well, now that we've had our hands on the harp for a while, I'm convinced. I can't believe how easy it is to tune, and to shift scales! The gear ratio is just right for making quick adjustments. Even the first time, when we were starting from slack strings, I just brought out one of those plastic tuning-crank things they sell for guitars, and had the whole harp tightened up in about twenty minutes--and I was going slowly to make sure I was getting the windings even. It takes a little while to get used to navigating around the tuners, but your attention to detail with color-coded buttons matching the string colors eventually makes it easy. Molly has no trouble doing it herself now. It's a great idea! Once again, thanks, Larry

From: "Larry Adams" ladamsATdel.net

Hi! This is a quick message of thanks. The harp arrived today in fine condition. It looks great, and my daughter Molly is very excited!

We can barely stand to wait four days to get it up to concert pitch. However, we can already sense the tone quality, even before everything has settled in. I was VERY impressed with the way it was packed for shipping. I'm glad you had everything so clearly marked on the outside of the box, since the instructions for opening it were sealed up inside,

and I didn't think to look on your website for the instructions. The only shipping problem was quite minor--one of the wound strings must have gone bad in transit (the winding was detached from the core), but that should be easy to replace It was a pleasant surprise to find your

CDs packed in there, too--haven't had time to listen to them yet, but I'm sure we'll enjoy them, and maybe someday we can return the favor by making a recording of our little family ensemble of harp, fiddle, and hammered dulcimer. Thank you again for all your trouble, and for your wonderful handiwork.

Larry, Janice, Molly and Colin Newark Delaware, USA

Dear Robert, Just another thanks for the great harp. Molly played it yesterday (almost tuned right now) and it is a wonderful instrument. We thank you for all the effort you put in to sending it Next time we know how to do it quickly! You are quite innovative in your design! Thanks again, Janice


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