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Paraguayan and Celtic Harp String Replacement

String replacement Guide for Paraguayan and Celtic Harps made by Geoff Welham How to tie knots at the end of strings and stop strings slipping off tuning pegs.

Treble strings are held in place with Acoustic guitar bridge pins. 

  1. to change a string  
  2. loosen the string so it is quite slack
  3. using a rubber/eraser as a fulcrum  lift the bridge pin up out of its hole with pliers  
  4. Pull out the string. 
  5. Tie a new string to the end of the old one and pull it up through the neck using the old string
  6. then remove the old string from the tuning key shaft and insert the new string through the hole in the  tuning key and tie a triple knot to stop it slipping back through the hole  


  1. The string is held in the soundboard as shown in the diagram at left
  2. place a small bead on the end of the string and tie a triple knot on the end of the string and  pull the knot tight
  3. push the end of the string with bead  into the hole and insert the pin as shown with the groove in the pin facing up the soundboard . The string should fit in the groove as the pin is pushed into the hole
  4. wind up the string making sure it is not caught on other strings and it winds neatly around the tuner shaft
  5. Bass/wound strings are similar except they have a thick washer at the soundboard end and are installed via the sound hole in the bottom of the soundbox 


detail for winding string around tuner shaft








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